Web Resources

We’ve put together a list of great web resources for you here to get you the information you need.

Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles [ visit website ]

GA Driver’s License and Permit Fees
License Suspensions and Revocations


If you plea guilty, Nolo Contendere, or you are found guilty of a DUI in any court in the State of Georgia, you must attend DUI School in order to have your driver’s license reinstated. That’s the Law.

Approved DUI / Defensive Driving Schools
Defensive Driving and DUI Information

Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice [ visit website ]

Georgia State Patrol Posts [ visit website ]

Law and Research

Georgia Crime Statistics
State Bar of Georgia
Georgia Laws, etc.
Laws 50 States
Freedom of Information Act


Grounds for Divorce
Residency Requirements for Divorce
Hints for divorcing Parents