Seven Reasons To Hire A Lawyer

Reasons to hire Attorney - Jim Whitlock

Unless you know the law it’s advisable you should hire a lawyer when you are facing any legal problems. Attorneys may or may not be able to get you out of trouble, you’re already there if you are looking for an attorney, however, I will represent you like you are a part of my family. The best advise I can give you if you are facing DUI, criminal or non-contested divorce is to talk to an attorney, I offer a FREE consultation, don’t go into court alone!

(1) Peace Of Mind

Many people have left court thinking, “I should have gotten a Lawyer”. Certainly, a conscientious practitioner would not guarantee the outcome of a case, but you could rest assured that a knowledgeable, experienced lawyer would put you in the best position possible as you appear before the court.

(2) So That You Don’t Go To Court  Alone

There are a few places in life that you shouldn’t go to alone. A hospital is one. You wouldn’t want to go to the hospital, without a doctor especially. The IRS is possibly another. You would certainly feel better, if you had your accountant along. And, you should not go to court without your lawyer. I’ve said it many times, “take a lawyer with you to court, if you don’t hire me, hire someone, but don’t go to court without a lawyer.”

(3) The Court May Appoint You A Lawyer, But…

Unless you go to jail for a long time, the court will have you repay the county for the lawyer, if it appoints you one. I, don’t know about you, but ‘ if I have to pay for a lawyer, I want to pick the Lawyer.’

(4) Sometimes It’s  More Expensive  To Not Hire One

Make no mistake about it, hiring a professional of any kind can set you back a few bucks. But, I found out years ago that my accountant saved me much more than he cost me. I did have to pay him up front, but in the long run he saved me so much more. Stop and think about the practical and legal questions you have concerning your case. You have theses questions because you don’t know the answers. You probably have many more questions that you either didn’t know to ask, or forgot to ask when talking to a lawyer. Chances are the lawyer knows the answer and can put you mind at rest, and save you a lot of worry, mistakes and money.

(5) To Minimize The  Risk  Of Something Going Bad Wrong

There is absolutely nothing that says, “things can’t go wrong”, whether you have an attorney or not. But, you can greatly increase the odds that things will go right, or, that you will know in advance where the problems are, by hiring a lawyer. Many relatives have come to see me, whose loved-one thought,” this is simple, all they have to do is hear my side of the story”. And, now they are in jail. It is usually easier to keep someone from going to jail, than it is to get them out once the case is over and they are sentenced to jail.

(6) You Will Have Someone Beside You Who Is On Your Side

“I’m here to help”. That old phrase is just that, an old phrase.
But, you can count on one thing; your lawyer is on your side and will be with you each step of the way. He is the one who cares about you…cares about how well you fare…wants things to work out for you. He is your man.

(7) Representing People In Court Is What Lawyers Do
Representing people in court is what I do and I do it well.

Jim Whitlock “The Godfather” Attorney at Law

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