Last Will and Testament Attorney in Fayetteville Georgia

Last Will and Testament Attorney in Fayetteville Georgia

Last Will and Testament Attorney in Fayetteville Georgia

Where There’s a WILL…There’s a WAY

When a person has a Last Will and Testament, there’s a way to direct the path your estate is going to take after your death. In other words, you can see that each and every love-one, or friend, gets exactly what you wanted them to have from your estate…even though you’re not there. There is a way to determine who is in charge of your affairs and the business of your estate after you’re gone; it called your “LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT“.

If you are the only natural parent that your minor child (or children) has living, then the minute you die they will be an orphan. Through your will however, you can name who you want to be the Guardian of you minor children. Why trust a Judge to pick someone who might not know you, or your children.

If you died now leaving your child with no natural parent…even if you left them your big cattle ranch and 53 income producing rental properties…what’s a four year old going to with that? Through your will you can name an adult that you love and trust to be the guardian of your children and the trustee of their property until they become of age.

There is a way…for your loved-ones to avoid all the red tape involved in probating your estate. In your will you can exempt the people you name from ninety (90%) percent of the unnecessary filing, listing, categorizing, bonding, etc., and make the whole matter relatively simple… at a time when your family needs simplicity.

A LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT provides you with a cheap, effective, and legal way to provide for your loved-ones after your death. Call for you appointment today. Don’t worry about looking for any documents, statements, deeds etc., in most interviews you won’t need them. Just call for the appointment…(770) 461-4882 or (770) 461-1984.


There is also a way, in Georgia, for you to address your concerns about being connected to life support systems. Being connected to artificial life support systems do not appeal to many people. Yet, if you are unconscious and unable to communicate with your family…they sometimes don’t know what to do.

With a LIVING WILL, you can tell them before it happens exactly what you want to be done. If you are having a Last Will and Testament prepared, this would be an ideal time to discuss artificial life support, or unnecessary prolonged life support, with your lawyer. Call for your appointment today…(770) 461-4882, or (770) 461-1984.

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Last Will and Testament Attorney in Fayetteville Georgia

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