Georgia Child Support Guidelines

Georgia Child Support Guideline

In January, 2007 new legislation became affective that dramatically changed the method of calculating child support. Prior to January 2007 the method was extremely simple. It was a grid system. You could ask two or three questions, punch a few button on the old calculator, and in less than a minute, you could tell a couple what their child support guidelines were.

Now, the law is, in my mind, in such disarray that, virtually none of the people involved in the system agree on what the law means, how child support is determined, and have come to the understanding very quickly, that every county, and every judge is likely to have a different opinion from the rest.

This misfortune, at this point in Georgia divorce law, has caused a great number of lawyers to discontinue practicing divorce law. Some lawyers have restricted their divorce practice to only those divorces where there are no children involved. Still others have decided that they will not take divorce cases in certain counties, because of the baseless stupidity some counties incorporated in getting a divorce through their system and to a conclusion.

In short, if you are contemplating a divorce, and you have minor children, and the thought has occurred to you, “ I think I’ll get a kit and do this divorce myself ”, before you’re through you may need psychiatrist as well as a lawyer.

The lawyer who handles your case will most likely know what the judges in the area around where you live, and where the case will be filed, will accept. Having said that, sometimes in a circuit where there are more than one judge, you will have to wait until the action is filed, and a judge is assigned, to determine exactly what your paperwork will need to have in it in order to please the judge.

Most of the difficulties surrounding child support will be challenge of the lawyer, however, in non-contested divorces, you, quite frequently, will have to exhibit some understanding as to these complexities, and why a lawyer can’t simply say “ Here is the amount of child-support you will owe”. There is no longer a simple five (5) line grid system that you can use to calculate child-support in Georgia.

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