DUI Attorney Fayetteville GA

DUI Attorney Fayetteville GA

DUI Attorney Fayetteville GA

There was a time when, if you were charged with Driving Under the Influence (DUI), you could go to Court, announce nolo when your name was called, pay a fine of $150.00 and drive off, like you drove in, without any problems. My friend, those days are gone with the wind. In many cases, the state will suspend your driver’s license even before you go to court, that is why you need a DUI Attorney Fayetteville GA to represent you.

You only have 30 Calendar days from the arrest date to request an ADMINISTRATIVE LICENSE SUSPENSION HEARING to extend your driving privileges if your case falls into this category.

PENALTIES for DUI cases in Georgia are varied and oppressive.

Of course the Lawyer’s first question is, “Can we win the D.U.I., or some of the other charges”? If not, “how can we minimize your sentence, and perhaps save you some money”? You will discover that your Lawyer is the only person involved who is trying to keep you out of jail, get charges dismissed, and save you time and money.

The prosecutor is there to prosecute you; he is not on your side. Theoretically, the Judge is supposed to be fair and impartial, he is not on your side either. Make no mistake! Your Lawyer is the only one involved who is on your side. Representation is so important, that the court will tell you that if you can’t afford a Lawyer, the court will appoint you one. They do forget to mention however, that if you don’t go to jail, most courts will require that you reimburse the State as part of your probation, for the cost of attorney’s fees. In other words, they pick your Lawyer…and you pay for him.

If you have to pay for the lawyer…you ought to be able to pick him.

D.U.I. cases have become very serious and very complicated. The only way to properly evaluate your case is to sit down with all the paper work and review the facts with a Lawyer who is thoroughly familiar with the current DUI Law for the state of Georgia. What I’ve covered in this web site material doesn’t begin to cover all the possible outcomes of a set of traffic charges. And please don’t rely on your neighbor’s advice even if he swears his case was just like yours; or, a television report that may be quoting the current DUI law for New Guinea.

This brings me to another point! One of Georgia’s D.U.I. laws calls for your license to be suspended 30 days after the arrest date even if you haven’t yet been to court. In order for us to help you, you must come in immediately, and we must request a hearing within 30 calendar days of the arrest.

I will be happy to sit down with you and evaluate your case absolutely free…it won’t cost you a thing, but I cannot do this over the telephone, nor by E-mail.

We can help you with your DUI case, call today to set up a free consultation

DUI Attorney Fayetteville GA

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