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There are many things you need to know, if you are charged with a crime. First you should find a criminal law attorney to represent you. Secondly, you should realize that being charged with a crime is a serious situation and you should not treat it lightly. The advice given in this message is limited…you should eventually discuss your case fully with an attorney who practices criminal law.

Do not discuss it over the telephone. Along with the Lawyer, you may have two government agents listening to your conversation, and recording every word of it. Also, you should not discuss your case, nor seek advice from friends and relatives. I know they mean well, but they quite frequently give the wrong advice. And they could be subpoenaed by the prosecutor to testify against you. In other words, anything you say, other than to your Lawyer, may be repeated in court against you.

You should also remember…the Police are not there to help…at least not this time. They are not on your side. The best advice they can give you is get yourself a good Lawyer.

You should also get the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of every witness pertaining to your case. Many cases have been lost simply because the defendant could not locate a witness. Also write down the times and dates of the events surrounding your case, this information can be easily forgotten, and sometimes desperately needed to win your case. Once you get all the information together, contact a Lawyer and discuss your case. Timing is very important. You cannot contact a Lawyer too soon. In some cases, the sooner you contact a Lawyer, the more they can help.

Don’t assume that because you are innocent…you don’t need a Lawyer. Don’t assume that because you think you are guilty, a Lawyer cannot help.

People who are innocent need to be defended. People who are guilty need to be represented. There is a difference, but either way you need the advice of a Criminal Lawyer.

Don’t wait until you have saved a lot of money to contact a Lawyer. Your first appointment should be free. You can discuss your case, decide whether or not to hire a Lawyer, and discuss what the legal fees will be.

I will discuss your case with you, discuss my fees, and you can decide after that if you want to retain me as your Lawyer. There will be no pressure and no obligation whatsoever, that is my guarantee to you. However, you should know before you go to court, you should know your rights, know what kind of sentence you’re facing, and know what might be done to help you. Especially since it’s free.

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