I feel that if a person takes the time and effort to come to my office to discuss their case with me they deserve the best, most straightforward and honest evaluation of their case that I can give them.

I try to set aside sufficient time to discuss your case in detail, addressing the issues that are on your mind. After 33 years of doing this, I have a pretty good ability to anticipate what’s on your mind and what your priorities are. When I get through with my coverage of points, that I know you need to be aware of, then I’ll check to see if you have questions that I didn’t cover.

Sometimes the circumstances of your case may be very detailed. Often the case is so involved, that I must tell you that I would have to check with a prosecutor to answer the questions you have, or research an issue. Many times I have told prospective clients my answer is “I don’t know”. If the truthful answer is “I don’t know”, then that’s what I’ll tell you. I won’t make up an answer just to make myself look good. You deserve the truth. So, if the truthful answer at that time is, “I don’t know”, for the time being, that’s the answer.

Many of my lawyer friends have told me, “Jim, you tell people too much”. I don’t think so. People in trouble need to know the truth. Quite often with the type of cases that I handle, the more you know, the more complicated it gets. Most prospective clients, in a criminal case may feel relieved, if I am in a position to say to them, “you’re not looking at going to jail.” However, that may be the only simple aspect of their case. They know after talking to me that they need professional help and that they do not know how to handle all the aspects of their case.

You don’t scare people. You don’t lie to people. You don’t purposely confuse people. If they understand what you’ve explained to them, and while they understand it, at the same time they realize that they need a lawyer, if you’ve shown compassion and respect for them, and your fees are reasonable, they will hire you. That’s what I believe.

Jim Whitlock “The Godfather” Attorney at Law